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Microphone echo debugging steps

Prerequisite: Update the device to software version number 9.1.9 or up

Step 1: Initialization

1. Turn the microphone volume to 12

2. Microphone echo delay adjusted to 0

3.OP is adjusted to 0

4.PGA is adjusted to 4

5. Microphone quality-adjusted to 1

Step 2: Debugging the Microphone Volume Firstly, call someone, adjust it by hearing the sound of the microphone on the other phone. For example, if the sound is low, gradually increase the OP. Otherwise, if the sound is loudly or noisy, decrease the PGA.

Step 3: If there is an echo When debugging the microphone echo delay, adjust it until there is no echo or the echo very low. If there is still a little bit of echo, increase the microphone quality. If the echo is still large, then adjust the PGA. (back to step 3)

After turning these three steps, if the sound too low, you can increase the volume through the microphone

Note: If the sound is distorted, please adjust the OP, the user can adjust the details according to their own needs