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additional pics of the install process can be found in the 3G MMI Install

Remove the trim using a trim removing tool. Gently pry the gaps between the trim and the dash.

MVIMG 20171229 133014.jpg MVIMG 20171229 133019.jpg

Disconnect the hazard flasher button cable pressing the latch. Retain the metal clips from the trim for it may be required Unscrew four T20 screws. Mind the left lower gap as there is risk of losing screws. Mask the gap first .

MVIMG 20171229 132955.jpg

Remove LVDS cable carefully by pressing the side latch and pull

Remove the center air vent by prying gaps with the removing tool. Disconnect a wire attached by pressing the latch and pull out

Remove the MMI Console by inserting the Radio removal tools into the slits towards the bottom front. Pull the radio out.

MVIMG 20171229 140249.jpg

Disconnect and remove the radio. (If the gear knob interferes while removing, turn keys into ignition mode without pressing brake pedal and then press the pedal, switches gear knob to Drive, turn off the key)

MVIMG 20171229 140758.jpg

Open the passenger side fuse panel cover and remove a screw. Using 8 mm hex driver, remove all screws (For A4, the total of 7 screws inside the glove box). There is a screw behind the AMI interface. Remove two screws on the bottom side. As you remove the screw, the glove box will be dangling. Support properly. Pull the compartment down gently. Be careful for upper front side latches. Shake the compartment gently and the latches will be released. Run the supplied cables properly through the gaps. Disconnect the original CAN BUS wire (red connector) from the interface inside the right corner of the glove box (Must turn off the car before disconnect). Connect the original CAN BUS wire to the CAN BUS receptacle on the supplied cable, and connect the Bypass from the cable into the CAN BUS interface. (Do not start the car until you finish the connection. Connect all connectors with GPS and the Radio, and then reassemble.

GPS and Data Antenna fit well in the dash center speaker area. Pry the cover off (be careful). The GPS antenna fits on the right, and the Data antenna fits on the left. The GPS antenna wire can be routed under the speaker to the leftside. Both connectors can be fed through a gap in the middle by carefully prying the gap open a bit. Dont worry, it stretches and goes back.

MVIMG 20171229 161554.jpg MVIMG 20171229 161559.jpg