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Post any feature requests or hardware improvements you might have here.

Brightness Control

  • Unit should startup at 0% brightness when lights are on. Intro can be blinding at night.
  • If possible, an even lower brightness setting would be nice. At night, even 0% can be annoying if there are bright images on the display.
  • Allow user chosen settings for brightness level when headlights are on or off.
  • Add a lumen sensor to the tablet and autobirghtness, like all mobile phones and tablets have.

- With Daniel and his team working on this in the background you can use an app called Twilight [1] to adjust the screen brightness at specific times of day automatically. This doesn't fix all the problems listed but can be used as a substitute until a more permanent fix has been developed.

Always on

  • Stay powered on after car is turned off.
  • Should go into sleep mode, or at least fire a screen off android event so we can use Tasker to pause music or do other things.

Turn-off animation

  • Play an animation similar to start up.
  • Confirm the unit is powering off before you leave the car... and it´s cool.

Specific car launcher

  • Use android desktop interface as default.
  • Include an MMI OEM looking launcher as an option. It improves the use of the unit while driving.

(Feature available after FEB18 update patch is applied).

Bigger controls

  • Touchscreen controls for BT app are extremely small and, in BT Music submenu, there is some lag.

(Issue partially solved after update as control can be made from wheel).

Bluetooth Number Search

  • Create a search icon to type in a persons name to get the number instead of scrolling through all the contacts or using the alphabet indexes.

Bluetooth Music Control Widget on Home Screen & Notification Drop Down Menu

  • Create a home screen & Notification Drop Down Menu widget to allow Bluetooth music control

Show sensor display when reverse

  • OEM look car display with sensor graphics when reverse will be an interesting feature.


Add Options to launch other apps in map options menu if installed

  • current map options include google maps and igo. I would like the oem nav as an option so that one press of NAV button displays factory NAV first. Adding other apps would allow Waze to open when hitting iNav.

Add Prev/Next Track function for Facelift MMI High systems

  • Facelift B8.5 (2013-2017) eliminated a number of hard buttons on the MMI console. Previous and next track was built into the facelift volume knob by pressing left and right for prev and next track.

Enhance ability to customize menu screen

  • Allow the ability to change the clock widget to other android widgets
  • Allow the ability to change the applications that existing shortcut buttons managed such as changing Nav to go to Waze or changing the application that the media button launches.
  • Allow the ability to rename existing shortcuts on menu for instance change Bluetooth to Telephone or AM/FM to Radio
  • Allow the ability to turn off existing shortcuts on menu for instance turn off AM/FM because the MMI already has a Radio shortcut button
  • Allow the ability to add shortcuts buttons to menu for instance Spotify, Pandora, or Amazon Music


  • Add a screensaver that starts after XX seconds (customisable time) and that does not start if specific apps are running in the forground (customisable list).
  • The screensaver could show the time, some random image or GPS instructions if any navigation app is working.
  • Touching the screen or any button would turn off the screen saver.

Consider adding cameras to screen hardware

  • Since the screens in RSNav are essentially Android tablets could they be ordered to have a front facing and or back facing camera. This would allow a simple no wire way to have dash cams.

Consider adding another USB connection to the wire harness

  • It would be nice to have another USB connection to use for something like a USB storage device. I have not tried a USB hub but even if it worked the installation would be more complex with the use of my Android Auto hardware

Look to use a digital audio connection

  • The analog audio interface is pretty good especially with the noise filter added but for those of us with the B&O systems digital sources are have really superior sound. It is a shame that the unit has to use analog audio when the interface port can take digital signals

Expand user documentation here

  • There are lots of details around use of the product that is not very well documented. Some of it is buried in the Audizine threads other requires asking. I will try to track what I can and help but as a new user having a single location would be really helpful.

Send shutdown intent on key removal

  • Currently when you pull the key from the ignition applications like music players will continue to play. Instead an option could be made available that will send a [ACTION_SHUTDOWN]( intent on key removal which apps can then listen to and take action accordingly. E.g. commit unsaved data or in case of a music player, pause the track.

Switch to Front Camera when parking module is active

  • When the car have 8 sensors and the parking module is active (push parking button), trigger to aux input 1 for the front camera, and leave this state when disable parking button or the speed is above 15km/h.