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Root Android 6.0 RSNAV

This Kingroot method is not working anymore on latest android 6.0 firmware. What works now is this:

1. Download instructions, tools and the flashable zip for your unit from

2. Extract the zip to your computer

3. Transfer boot_verified.img from the flashable zip to a phone with magisk installed (Might need to be a rooted phone. Mine is, so not sure if it works with non-rooted phones)

4. In Magisk, select install -> Patch Boot Image File, and select boot_verified.img. This will generate a patched boot_verfified.img

5. Delete boot_verified.img from the folder in your computer where you extracted the zip, and transfer the file from the phone back to the folder where you extracted the zip

6. Follow the instructions on flashing from using a computer and a USB A-A cable.

Note: If i remember correctly, this also factory resets the device

Note2 (by pakidermo5000): it might work by just selecting boot_verified.img in the flashing software instead of all images. This should not factory reset your unit. But it is not sure, so try at your own risk . After this you will need to reboot the rsnav by clicking the reset button (on 10.25 you find it on the left edge, upper hole. Keep it pressed for 3s.)

And now?

Now you have a patched software, but no root yet. You need to: 1-install magisk installer. 2-install magisk. (will do some reboots) 3-install the packages you like from magisk repository (if you want xposed, do not install the one from magisk repository as is obsolete, instead download the installer from xda (it will need some reboots too). 4- Now you are rooted. If you want xposed packages to work, you need to reboot after installing them. I recommend using the cposed module "app manager" as it allows you to assign actions to two, three fingers swipes that I use to assign to "Home", "last app", or any preferred app.

Credits go to @haaglin. Who posted it on 28/03/2019

You will need a USB Male Type A to Male type A cable to connect a laptop to the usb connector of the RSNAV.

  • Download the Windows version of the Root App from Kingoroot.
  • Now for me, my laptop would not register the RSNAV over usb except when the RSNAV is booting. The key for getting the root to work was basically trying it multiple times while the RSNAV had just started, using the reboot option in the Realsun settings app. Eventually the kingoroot app said it was successful, it had loaded a SuperUser manager app, and I was able to confirm that the root had taken on the RSNAV.