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Here are the most often asked questions.

Do I need GPS, or Backup Camera?

  • The RSNAV Android system comes with its own GPS Antenna. It will work with either the stock backup camera, or you can install an aftermarket camera if you do not have one.
  • RSNAV Smartphone interface uses your phone's GPS.

How does data work?

  • The Android system has a slot for a mini sim card, which supports Tmobile, ATT, and Verizon(?). You can also tether to your phone's wifi hotspot.
    • RSNAV Smartphone interface uses your phone's Data.

What happens to your hazards on 10.25?

  • The RSNAV Android system 10.25 moves the button to the left, closer to the driver.

How do I set RSNav to send phone calls to the Audi Bluetooth?

  • In the RSNav settings you can set it to use Audi Bluetooth for calls. It will stay connected to the rsnav Bluetooth (GOSDK) for Carplay and Android Auto but use the Audi Bluetooth for calls.
  • System settings>Android Settings>Bluetooth - set to Audi not Android