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'Hi, could you tell me which version will work with mmi basic plus (red display) Italic text

MMI Display Not Working on RSNAV S3 with AUDI 2015 SQ5 with MMI+

I've just installed a 10.25" S3 into a 2015 SQ5 with MMI+.

MMI Version HN+_EU_AU3G_K0922_3

I've Upgraded the S3 to the latest 2021 OS

Everything works except for AUDI MMI screen which is not displaying, including the reverse camera (the guidance lines appear as they must be generated from the RSNAV).

I've checked the short extension cable and all looks ok, in fact I removed it and connected the original LVDS lead directly to the RSNAV screen with no effect.

Any ideas or suggestions?

2015 Audi A4 Concert Radio Dashboard app

Greeting, I installed the unit over the weekend and everything is perfect except in the dashboard app it shows everything in kph and L instead of mph and gallons. Where can this be changed?