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RSNAV 4th Generation Standalone Smartphone Interface System Software Updates

As of 9.2.2.yl.a, to protect the license we paid, there is an additional security mechanism implemented. If you upgrade the CarPlay unit purchased from somewhere else, you are risking bricking your purchase. RSNAV will not be held responsible for it. 


1. Download the zip file and extract ISPBOOOT.BIN file into a USB stick formatted in FAT32(No NTFS, ExFAT or etc, under 64GB, Do not make any folder).

2. Plugin the USB stick and go to Setup -> Software Update -> Software upgrade(Not MCU) -> Password: 4091

This file can be used in both the wireless version and wired of the standalone interfaces in 'black' box There is no variation of firmware according to the screen resolution.

Update requirements: initial software version must be 8.2.0 or 9.0.0 up.

Upgrade method:

A. 8.2.0 or 9.0.0 version, press and hold BACK button twice to force the upgrade.

B. 9.0.1 to 9.0.3 version, use the system upgrade in the Setup menu.

C. 9.0.X to 9.1.0 version, Go to setup, use the system update and then upgrade.

To update MCU, delete the ISPBOOOT.BIN file and copy the upgrade.bin file to the drive instead. Follow the same steps as above but choose MCU upgrade instead.

Click Here to Download

Make sure that the USB is formatted with 16kb cluster